Zone Marking Coatings

#1080 Series Rapid-Dry Zone Marking Coating (Alkyd)

(#1080 White/#1081Yellow)

COLOR(S): White, Yellow.

PRODUCT TYPE: Rapid-Dry Flat Alkyd.

DESCRIPTION: A rapid-drying zone marking coating designed for use in high traffic areas on concrete, asphalt, or brick surfaces. It may also be used on interior surfaces of concrete, wood, or metal with the proper surface preparation and/or surface treatment. Farwest #1080 Series Zone Marking Coating is specifically recommended for use in areas where more durability and faster dry are needed Than what Farwest #1070 Series Zone Marking Coating provides.

Intended Use: For exterior concrete, asphalt, or brick or interior concrete, wood, or metal.


VISCOSITY: 70-72 k.u.

DRY TO TOUCH: 3 minutes


TACK FREE: 5 minutes


TIME TO RECOAT: 30 minutes-1 hour

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 11.6-12.0 lbs. per gal.

DRYING TIME: (no pick up) 8 minutes

V.O.C.: 420 grams per liter

COLOR RANGE: White, Yellow


PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallons, 55 gal. drums.

BATCH: Stock

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 300 square feet per gallon depending on the surface to be coated.

SURFACE PREPARATION: FOR PAVEMENT OR CONCRETE SURFACES: Sweep or dust away all loose rock and gravel for best results. Previously striped surfaces must be free of all loose and peeling coating. It is recommended that the surface be as dry as possible. Too wet of a surface may result in loss of bonding to the substrate at a later date.

APPLICATION: For best striping results, it is best to use a motorized airless striping machine. Follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for proper operation of the equipment FOR SMALL JOBS: This material can be brushed or rolled with a long nap roller (some thinning may be necessary for good flow and brushability).

THINNING: Usually, no thinning is required for airless equipment. If thinning is desired use Farwest #607 Fast Thinner. Product should not be thinned more than 3%.

CLEAN-UP: Tools and equipment may be cleaned with Farwest #605 Synthetic Thinner, Farwest #607 Fast Thinner, or Farwest #610 Lacquer Thinner.

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