Urethane Coatings

#1700 Series Skythane Urethane Gloss (2 Components)

(#1700 White/#1710 Deep Base/#1715 Clear Base-Short Fill For Tinting/#1717 Clear Base-Full Fill)

COLOR(S): Whites and Tints.

PRODUCT TYPE: Non-Yellowing Aliphatic Urethane (2 Components).

DESCRIPTION: A two-component urethane finish designed for extra durability and resistance to strong chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, salt spray and corrosion over a variety of substrates. Recommended for ferrous metals, prepared steel, aluminum, concrete, or wood. Low temperature curing (as low as 20° F.). This finish is recoatable and, with proper surface preparation and application, will provide the user with many years of lasting beauty to the surface being coated. Suitable for use on interior or exterior surfaces. ON INTERIOR WOOD SURFACES: It will resist common household chemicals, staining agents, white staining by hot drink cups, and resists cigarette burns. This product has all the advantages of our Farwest #1400 Series Skythane plus a high gloss for use in automotive and refinishing operations. It is supplied at spray viscosity suitable for most conventional systems. The electrical resistance is such that it is also very compatible for electrostatic spray.

Intended Use: For ferrous metals, prepared steel, aluminum, concrete, or wood (interior or exterior).


VISCOSITY: 55 k.u. (mixed)

DRY TO TOUCH: 30 minutes-1 hour

WEIGHT SOLIDS: 28-38% (mixed)

TACK FREE: 3-4 hours

VOLUME SOLIDS: 22-25% (mixed)

TIME TO RECOAT: < 4 hrs. or > 24 hrs.*

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 8.0-9.0 lbs. per gal. (mixed)

DRY HARD: 4 hours


V.O.C.: 650 grams per liter

COLOR RANGE: Whites and Tints


PACKAGING: One gallon kits

BATCH: Stock

MIXING RATIO: 7:1 (by volume) with X-5729 Part B (Induction Time: 15 minutes)

POT LIFE: 4 hours * For faster dry, use Farwest #6075 Skythane Accelerator.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 200-300 square feet per gallon depending on surface and specific application requirements.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface preparation is critical. Previously painted surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of residues, oily film, and loose paint chips. Wire brush before painting. Areas where all of the old coating has been removed must be spot primed before applying finish coat. Use only factory recommended primers: Farwest X-6390/X-6392 FastDri Epoxy Primer, Farwest X-4985 White Lacquer Proof Primer or Farwest X-4959 Red Oxide Lacquer Proof Primer. Any primer used must be of the non-lifting type (lacquer proof). Most epoxy type primers are very well suited for applications on concrete, steel, or aluminum. NEW SURFACES: Ferrous metals, (steel, iron, etc.): Clean thoroughly, water or sandblast; prime with suitable primer as specified for the job as recommended. Aluminum: Must be thoroughly cleaned, etched and primed. Galvanized Steel: Must be thoroughly cleaned, etched and primed. New Wood Finishing: (Use Farwest #1715 Clear Skythane Urethane Enamel). For Fine Finishing: Remove all surface scratches. Start with 100 or 220 grit sandpaper and finish off with 300 or 400 wet/dry paper. Remove all surface contaminants with Denatured Alcohol on a clean, lint-free cloth. DO NOT USE TACK CLOTHS CONTAINING OILS, WAXES OR SILICONES. If Oil Stain is Used to Color the Wood: Make sure that the stain has dried a minimum of eight hours before applying successive finishes. Apply 1or 2 coats of Farwest Skythane as its own sanding sealer for best results. Lightly sand or buff between coats with a good 220 grit sandpaper.

APPLICATION: For best results, apply Farwest #1700 Skythane Urethane Gloss with a conventional cup gun. Thin to a viscosity of 22-25", Zahn #2 with Farwest #620 Skythane Reducer for conventional (little or no reduction is necessary for airless spray). See equipment specifications for viscosity and proper tip size for best results. If a second coat is desired, recoat within 4 hours or after 24 hours (lightly sand between coats). WOOD FINISHING USING PIGMENTED OR COLORED SKYTHANE: Follow the same procedures as above for clear. A pigmented primer is recom mended as a first coat such as Farwest X-4985 White Lacquer Proof Primer or Farwest X-5672 Gray Lacquer Proof Primer.

THINNING: Thin if necessary with Farwest #620 Skythane Reducer.

CLEAN-UP: Clean all equipment thoroughly with Farwest #610 Lacquer Thinner. Do not leave unused paint in spray equipment beyond the pot life of the material, it will set up hard.

LIMITED WARRANTY. To the best of our knowledge, the technical data presented above is true and accurate at the date of issuance and subject to change without prior notice. Farwest Paint Manufacturing Co. guarantees its products to conform to its standards of quality control. Liability is limited to replacement of product. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by Farwest Paint Manufacturing, implied or otherwise.