Exterior Finish Coatings

#5000 Series E-Z-ON Exterior Acrylic Latex

(#5000 White/#5010 Deep Base/#5015 Ultra Base/#5020 Yellow Base/#5035 Neutral Base)

COLOR(S): White and Tints.

PRODUCT TYPE: Pigmented Exterior Acrylic Latex Enamel (Lo-Sheen).

DESCRIPTION: A premium quality acrylic house paint for use on exterior wood siding, trim and masonry surfaces. It is easy to apply and covers most surfaces in one coat providing a breather type of film for years of long-lasting beauty and protection.

Intended Use: For exterior wood siding, trim, or masonry surfaces.


VISCOSITY: 93 k.u.

DRY TO TOUCH: 30 minutes


TACK FREE: 1 hour


TIME TO RECOAT: 18 hours

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 10.60-11.50 lbs. per gal.

DRY HARD: 6 hours

V.O.C.: 83 grams per liter

COLOR RANGE: White and Tints


PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

BATCH: Stock

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 250-400 square feet per gallon depending on the surface.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove all loose paint, dirt, scale and grease. Fill cracks, holes and imperfections with a good exterior quality spackling compound. Spot patches with the paint before painting the entire wall surface. Gloss Surfaces: Should be sanded or treated with Farwest #644 Gloss-Set before application of paint. New Wood: For cedar, pine, fir, or exterior T-111 surface should be primed with Farwest #710 White Linseed Oil Primer. This will prevent bleed-through of the natural pigments within the wood surface. Also, primer is recommended for old weathered surfaces to provide an even finish with good holdout. Exterior Masonry Block: Should be sealed and filled with Farwest #5030 Block Filler Latex.

APPLICATION: Brush, roller, or spray after surface is properly prepared.

THINNING: Thinning is not recommended, however, if necessary, use regular clean tap water.

CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment as soon as possible with regular clean tap water. Cleaning may be expedited by using warm, soapy water.

LIMITED WARRANTY. To the best of our knowledge, the technical data presented above is true and accurate at the date of issuance and subject to change without prior notice. Farwest Paint Manufacturing Co. guarantees its products to conform to its standards of quality control. Liability is limited to replacement of product. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by Farwest Paint Manufacturing, implied or otherwise.