Exterior Finish Coatings

#920 Series Wonderglo® Semi-Gloss Acrylic Latex (Interior/Exterior)

(#920 White/#925 Deep Base/X-6458 Neutral Base)

COLOR(S): White and Tints.

PRODUCT TYPE: Vinyl Acrylic Waterborne Enamel.

DESCRIPTION: A quality vinyl acrylic base latex enamel suitable for use on drywall, interior and exterior wood millwork, metal and trim. It is a self-sealing, high-hiding acrylic with excellent water resistance and washing durability.

Intended Use: For interior wallboard, interior or exterior wood millwork, trim, or metal.


VISCOSITY: 85-90 k.u.

DRY TO TOUCH: 30 minutes


TACK FREE: 3 hours


TIME TO RECOAT: 18 hours

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 9.60-10.40 lbs. per gal.

DRY HARD: 8 hours

V.O.C.: 95 grams per liter

COLOR RANGE: White and Tints


PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

BATCH: Stock

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 250-450 square feet per gallon depending on the surface to be coated.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be clean, free of dirt, loose chipping paint, oils and grease. All cracks, holes and surface imperfections should be filled with spackling compound. When coating new wallboard: It is recommended to use a good quality sealer such as Farwest #970 Poroseal PVA Primer Sealer. For exterior wood: Prime with Farwest #710 Exterior Primer. For metal: Prime with Farwest X-1184 Red Oxide Primer.

APPLICATION: Brush, roller, or spray. A good quality nylon bristle brush will provide the best results when applying Wonderglo® Latex Enamels.

THINNING: Thinning is not recommended, however, if necessary, use regular clean tap water.


CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment with warm water as soon as possible. Warm, soapy water will clean much easier than cold tap water.

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