Government Spec.-Type Coatings

MIL-C-22750 Type I Epoxy Coating

(Commercial Equivalent MIL-C-22750)

COLOR(S): Spec. #23538 Yellow.

PRODUCT TYPE: 2 Component Epoxy Coating

DESCRIPTION: A high performance, two component, catalyst-cured coating with excellent chemical resistance. It has the added feature of excellent gloss retention on exterior exposures.

Intended Use: For metal, wood, or masonry including marine areas such as engine rooms, machinery, high traffic floors, deck houses, holds, passageways, cabinets, food handling equipment, lockers. Excellent for refinishing appliances, water tanks, steel office desks, or file cabinets.


VISCOSITY: 70 k.u. (mixed)

DRY TO TOUCH: 1 hour

WEIGHT SOLIDS: 70% +- 2% (mixed)

TACK FREE: 8 hours

VOLUME SOLIDS: 56% +- 2% (mixed)

TIME TO RECOAT: 24 hours

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 11.50 lbs. per gal. (mixed)

DRY HARD: 24 hours

V.O.C.: 373 grams per liter (mixed)

COLOR RANGE: Clear, White and Tints


PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

BATCH: Stock

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 250 sq. ft. per gal. @ 20% loss.

POT LIFE: 8 hours @ 70 F.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove dirt, grease and foreign materials. Surface must be completely dry. A prime coat may be necessary. Sandblasting is recommended on bare metal surfaces, especially on marine and industrial exposures. Recommended primer for wood or metal: Farwest X-4959 Red Lacquer Proof Primer or Farwest X-4985 White Lacquer Proof Primer. Recommended primer for concrete masonry or metal: Farwest X-6390/X6392 Fast-Dry Epoxy Primer.

APPLICATION: Brush, roller or spray (conventional, airless or electrostatic). MIXING INSTRUCTION: Mix equal parts of Component A with Component B by volume. Let stand for 30 minutes before applying. Mix only enough for each day’s use.

THINNING: No thinning is necessary or recommended.

CLEAN-UP: Equipment and tools may be cleaned with Farwest #605 Synthetic Thinner or Farwest #610 Lacquer Thinner.

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