Government Spec.-Type Coatings

DOD-P-15328/MIL-P-15328 Pre-Treatment Wash Primer (Metal Conditioner)

(A-5-61) (Navy Formula 117)

COLOR(S): Fed.-Std.-595 No. 34096 or No. 34098

PRODUCT TYPE: Chromate Polyvinyl Butyral Two-Component Etching Wash Primer.

DESCRIPTION: Farwest Pre-treatment Wash Primer is designed to meet the above referred to federal specification. It is intended for use on clean metal surfaces of all types as a treatment prior to the application of the primer and top-coating system. It is especially effective on hard-to-adhere to surfaces such as aluminum and galvanized steel. It is not intended as a permanent protective primer in itself although some protection is afforded for short periods of time. To ensure best results, the pre-treatment should be coated with primer and finish as soon as possible.

Intended Use: For treatment of hard-to-adhere to metal surfaces prior to application of primer.


VISCOSITY: 63-75 k.u.

DRY TO TOUCH: 5-10 minutes


TACK FREE: 10 minutes


TIME TO RECOAT: 15-30 minutes

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 7.30-7.70 lbs. per gal.

DRY HARD: 1 hour

V.O.C.: 650 grams per liter

COLOR RANGE: Government spec. only


PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

BATCH: Stock


SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces to be coated must be clean and free of oil, loose foreign matter and surface contaminants.

APPLICATION: Government specification recommends application by means of a light brush coat at a dry film thickness of .00076 cm. to .00127 cm. Although, for best adhesion results, the wash primer should be applied by spray to no more than a fog coat. It is not necessary to hide the substrate with the primer. The major purpose of this primer is to provide an adhesion surface for subsequent primers and topcoat.

THINNING: Thin with Isopropyl Alcohol only to spray viscosity/20-25" Zahn #2 Flow Cup. Catalyst Mixing Rate: 4 : 1 Part A : B

CLEAN-UP: Tools and equipment may be cleaned with alcohol, Farwest #605 Synthetic Thinner or Farwest #610 Lacquer Thinner.

LIMITED WARRANTY. To the best of our knowledge, the technical data presented above is true and accurate at the date of issuance and subject to change without prior notice. Farwest Paint Manufacturing Co. guarantees its products to conform to its standards of quality control. Liability is limited to replacement of product. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by Farwest Paint Manufacturing, implied or otherwise.