Government Spec.-Type Coatings

Commercial Equivalent to
MIL-P-24441 Polyamide Epoxy Zinc Primer (Formula 159)

COLOR(S): Gray.

PRODUCT TYPE: 2-Component Epoxy-Polyamide.

DESCRIPTION: A two-component epoxy-polyamide with good resistance to solvents (except alcohols), salt spray, marine exposure and ordinary air pollutants. This product is approved for immersion service according to AAWA Inside System No. 1. The two components of this product must be mixed thoroughly one hour before using. It has self-priming qualities and one or two coats is recommended.

Intended Use: As a primer where excellent adhesion is needed on solvent-cleaned steel or for a marine environment protective coating.


VISCOSITY: 77-87 k.u. (mixed)

DRY TO TOUCH: 2 hours

WEIGHT SOLIDS: 79-81% (mixed)

TACK FREE: 3 hours

VOLUME SOLIDS: 60-62% (mixed)

TIME TO RECOAT: 24 hours

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 24.65 lbs. per gal. (mixed)

DRY HARD: 6 hours

V.O.C.: 324 grams per liter (mixed)


FLASH POINT: 100 F. (mixed)

PACKAGING: 1 or 5 gallon containers

BATCH: Made to Order.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 325 square feet per gallon @ 3 mils dry film thickness.

SURFACE PREPARATION: When applied over primer, the primer should be clean, free from dirt and oil. New steel should be sand blasted to remove all mill scale. Solvent or power tool cleaning are satisfactory for atmospheric exposures and sandblasting is necessary if submerged service is desired.

APPLICATION: Airless or conventional spray. Roll or brush application are limited. A two-component system that is mixed just before using. Mixed 1 part Component A (by volume) to 4 parts Component B (by volume). Induction time of one hour should be allowed before application.

THINNING: Not usually required but thin if necessary with Formula 159 Thinner.

CLEAN-UP: Tools and equipment may be cleaned with with Formula 159 Thinner or Hi-Flash Aromatic Solvent.

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