Cleaning Supplies

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Product Name Item Number Unit
Unwaxed Paper Pail 10T1EACH EA
Goof-Off (Can) 2349400005 12 Oz. Can
Goof Off Clean-Up 2349400006 16 Oz.
Goof Off Original 2349400008 12 Oz.
Goof Off Clean-Up 2349400026 EA
Graffiti Remover 2349400056 16 Oz.
Jasco Wallpaper Remover 2645202240 EA
Box of Rags (10#) 3247910263 10Lb. Box
2.5 QT Bucket w/Handle 2670300580 EA
Unwaxed Plain Pail 5T1EACH EA
5 QT. Metal Pail 8430535005 EA
1 QT. Multi-Mix Container 8430535023 EA
Lid for 1 QT. Multi-Mix 8430535026 EA
5 QT. Plastic Pail w/ Steel Rim 8430535050 EA
Paper Bucket 2.5 QTS. 8430535051 EA
2.5 QT. Multi-Mix Container 8430535053 EA
5 QT. Liner for Metal Pail 8430535055 EA
Lid for 2.5 QT. Multi-Mix 8430535056 EA
5 QT. Sweetheart Paper Pail 8430535101 EA
5 QT. Multi-Mix Container 8430535103 EA
Lid for 5 QT. Multi-Mix 8430535106 EA
5 QT. Leaktite Plastic Pail 8430535500 EA
Reaves Cotton Knit Gloves 9448153207 EA
X-L Coveralls 9448154003 EA
18 x 36 Reaves Tack Cloth 9448155001 EA
18 X 36 Reaves Tack Cloth 9448155011 BOX
#500 5 QT. Plastic Pail w/ Bail 9826201605 EA
Cotton Work Gloves COTTON GLOVES EA
Large Latex Exam Gloves LG. LTX GLOVES EA
Medium Latex Exam Gloves MED. LTX GLOVES EA
XL Latex Exam Gloves XL. LTX GLOVES EA
Ansel Solv-X Glove #4750L XLS031 EA
Ansel Solv-X Glove #475XL XLS032 EA

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