MSDS Code Chart

Figuring Out the MSDS Letter/Number Codes:

The following pictures illustrate what the letters and numbers in the MSDS files mean. You'll need to wear the safety supplies for your protection when using our products, as noted with each letter in the Personal Safety section, which is in the Hazard Rating/Product box of the MSDS (in the upper right corner). If you have any further questions, please contact us and we'll help you out.

How to Use This as a Guide:

As shown below, the numbers in each box indicate the risk of hazard while using our products - the lower the number, the lesser the risk.

HMIS Number Codes - Please Load this Graphic!

The lettering system is a little more complex, but is explained below.

Hazardous Materials Identification System - Please Load the Graphic!Key to Hazardous Materials ID System - Please load this graphic! Key to Hazardous Materials ID System - Please load this graphic!

Above is a table of the safety products to wear while using our products. It is a visual listing of which items each level of product requires, with A & B being the lowest levels of protection. Please note with level X, some materials may need special directions when being handled. Take special care in noting exactly which items are needed, as it is for your optimal protection.

You should always exercise caution and wear the proper safety items when handling our products.

For more comprehensive information on the HMIS system - visit the National Paint and Coatings HMIS Guide.