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Here are the product brands we carry (wire brushes and other tools can be found here) :

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Bestt Liebco

Pro and Consumer brushes, China Bristle, White China, First Mate brushes, Ox Stroke, Red Sable, Sabeline, and Camel Hair Artist Brushes, Nylon and Polyester brushes, White Acrylic, Quaker, Clover, Hockey Style and Angular brushes, Interior/Exterior brushes

Great American Marketing

Hi-Tech Varnish brushes, Acid Swab brushes, Radiator brushes, Artist brushes, Bottle brushes


Professional and D-I-Y brushes, China Bristle, White China and Synthetic brushes, Ultra/Pro Lindbeck, Mink FS, Jaguar, Shergrip and Willow brushes, Amber Fong brushes, Pro 30 Lindbeck AS, Ohio Trimmer, Iron Horse Pole/Wire Brush, Yachtsman, Softip, Thin, Flat and Angle sash brushes, Factory Sale brushes, Chip brushes


Dura Spread brushes, Dura Spread Poly brushes

Other Items

Jen Foam brushes

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