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Roller Covers by Bestt-LiebcoWooster Brushes and Covers

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Here are the product brands we carry (roller frames and cages are featured on this page):

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Bestt Liebco

Tru Pro, Frieze, Painter's Special, Long John, Short John, Little John, Long John Enameler, Mohair, Econo Rollers, Carpet, Texture and Master Roller Covers

Great American Marketing

Hi-Tech, Perlon, Draylon, Magic Touch, White Diamond Roller Covers,


White Dove


Roller Sets, Cloth Roller Covers, Mini Trim Rollers, Foam Rollers and Refills, QP Cloth Covers,


Factory Sale, Pro/Doo-Z, Super Doo-Z, Super/Fab, Candy Stripe, Minikoter, Lambskin Rollers, The Stippler, Acoustical, Texture Maker Rollers


Mohair, Orlon, Ram, Ram Draylon, Cat's Paw, Cat's Paw Perlon, Dura Fab, Reach Creature, Little John, 4-Ply, One Coat

Other Items

Kwik Grip Mohair, Painter's Mitts

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