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For current pricing, please call or stop in our store.

If you are interested in renting spray painting equipment, please give our store a call for rates and more information.

For product/stock number information, please check this page.

If there's a specialty spray paint you'd like us to special order for you, let us know!

Here are the product brands we carry:

NOTE: As distributors of these products, we do not carry every item available from each company; please call ahead to see if we have an item in stock or if it can be ordered for in-store pickup or delivery.


Hammerite Smooth Finish, Flat, Gloss finishes


Kilz Spray Can


Rust Tough, Rust Control, Tough Coat, Gloss, Flat, Semi Flat, and Matte spray paints, Spray Primers, High-Heat spray coatings, Undercoat, Satin Varnish, Insulating Varnish, Epoxy, Highway Striping, Fluorescent, OSHA and Upside Down coatings


Preval Sprayer Unit, Preval Power Unit


Inverted spray paints, Fluorescent Marking paints, Safety (Precaution) and Traffic/Zone Marking coatings, Hi-Vis coating


Clear, Flat, Gloss, Acrylic, Aluminum and Speed E-namel spray paints, Zinc Chromate Primer

Other Items

Rustoleum (Fluorescent, Hi-Heat), Sprayon Cold Galvinized, Graffiti Remover, Spray Adhesive

Please Note: We carry all current colors of Krylon Spray Paints and can order those we do not have in stock; however, if it is no longer being manufactured by Krylon, we likely do not have it in stock and it won't be available to us (unless it's labeled under a new name). We also do not carry discontinued/older products that collectors might be looking to get - we recommend trying a Google search if you're looking for such products.

This color list is subject to change, so please inquire about the product(s) you are looking for, and we will do our best to help.

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