Tools & Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes and Tools

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Here are the product brands we carry (check here for masking tools, or for regular brushes, click here):

NOTE: As distributors of these products, we do not carry every item available from each company; please call ahead to see if we have an item in stock or if it can be ordered for in-store pickup or delivery.

Allway Tools

Retractable Utility Knives, Utility Blades, Breakaway Knives, Glass and Plastic Scrapers, Snap-off Blades, 6-in-1 Tool, Wallpaper and Razor Blades, Safety Scrapers and Easy Cutters, Taping and Putty Knives

Great American Marketing

Putty Knives (Stiff and Flexible), Chisels, Wall Scrapers, 5-in-1 Tool, Shoe Handle Scrapers, Bent Handle Wire Brushes, Straight Back (Butcher Block) Scraper, Mini Crimped Brass, Nylon and Steel Wire Brushes

Hyde Tools

Chisel Scraper (Stiff and Flexible), 5-in-1 Tool, 6-in-1 Tool, Drywall Jab Saw, Joint Knives, Edge Scraper Blades, Heavy-Duty Razor Scrapers, Utility Knives, Snap-off Knife Blades


Corner Cleaner Wire Brush, Brush and Tool Holder


Mud/Paint Mixers, Spinster Paint Mixer, Shoe Handle Wire Brushes, Mini Wire Brushes, Wire Brushes with Scrapers

Other Items

Aluminum Spray Shields, Razor Blade multi-packs, Shur-Line Putty Knives

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