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Material Safety Data Sheet
For Coatings and Related Materials
Prep: Jan. 1992 Update: Current
Section I  - Product Identification
24 Hour Emergency Assistance
Emergency (Chemtrec) (800) 424-9300
Information  (Farwest) (206) 244-8844
Product Number: X-6334

Product Name: Aluminum Weldable Primer

Product Class: Pigmented Resin Solution

   Hazard Rating
           0             Lowest
           1                  |
           2                  |
           3                  |
           4           Extreme
This Product
   Health: 2
   Flammability: 3
   Reactivity: 1
   Personal Protection: G
Hazardous Material: Yes: XX       No: 
EPA Registration Number  (if applicable): N/A

Section II - Hazardous Ingredients

Ingredient CAS Number Percent (By Weight)





Xylene 1330-20-7 36.0% 100ppm 100ppm
Toluene 108-88-3 9.5% 100ppm 200ppm
Mineral Spirits 350 8032-32-4 4.0% 100ppm 100ppm
Mineral Spirits 250 64742-89-8 8.0% 250ppm 250ppm

Product Contains Aluminum Paste: Contact with moisture will generate hydrogen gas.

"Pursuant to Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) and 40 CFR Part 372, this product contains or may contain a toxic chemical in a quantity subject to the reporting requirements under Section 313"

Section III - Physical Data
Boiling Range: 205-387 F. Weight/Gallon: 8.8 lbs. Vapor Pressure: 53mmHg@20C
Vapor Density: Heavier than Air: XX Lighter than Air:
Evaporation Rate: Faster than Ether: Slower than Ether: XX
Percent Organic Volatile by Volume: 70%   pH: N/A Solubility in Water: NIL
VOC: 597 Grams/Liter (Less Water) Viscosity: 50-60 KU Reactivity in Water: YES
Melting Point: N/A Freezing Point: N/A Decomposition Temp: N/A
Appearance & Odor: Bright liquid/aromatic odor.

Section IV - Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flammability Classification: OSHA:Flammable Flash Point: 26 F. TCC
Class: 3 LEL: 0.7%  UEL: 7.0%       
DOT: Flammable UN Number: 1263
Extinguishing Media: Foam, CO2, Dry Chemical.
Use the above or any Class B extinguishing agent. Water may be unsuitable as an extinguishing medium, but helpful in keeping adjacent containers cool.
Special Firefighting Procedures: Firefighters and others exposed to vapors or products of combustion should wear self-contained breathing apparatus. Evacuate area of unprotected personnel. Wear protective clothing.
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Vapors may form an explosive mixture in air and may be ignited by sparks, pilot lights, etc. Closed containers may rupture when exposed to extreme heat.

X-6334 (solvent)