Farwest Paint's History
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An Early Version of the Farwest Logo

As a committed family owned business we promote solidarity to ensure a speedy process for getting agendas done opposed to major competitive brands. Effective of 2013 we are the 3rd generation fully operating Farwest Paint MFG.CO. Through the generations we have learned through our hardships and blissfulness to understand what it takes to have true authenticity. This Next-gen ingenuity will lead us towards a higher understanding that will reach out and touch our customers with trust.

In 1925, Farwest Paint Manufacturing Company was founded in Seattle to manufacture quality paint products for the Great Northwest. Farwest Paint became a family-owned business in 1965 operating out of its South Park facility on 5th South and Kenyon Street.

Farwest Office & Factory

The Farwest Paint Main Office and Factory Building

In 1977, Farwest Paint purchased the operating assets of Matson Paint Products, which specialized in the marine paint and lacquer business. At that time, Farwest moved both the Farwest and Matson operations to our present location in Tukwila.

Needing additional space for our business expansion, in 1986 Farwest Paint constructed a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse with a new retail store. The warehouse holds our raw materials and finished paint products. The 2,500 sq. ft. store, directly connected to the warehouse, serves our expanding customer base.

In 1990, Farwest Paint purchased the operating assets of Jarvie Paint Co. which was known for its government specification coatings, industrial primers and finish coatings as well as specialty coatings such as copper bottom paint and electrostatic finishes. Both Jarvie Paint and Matson Paint Products are divisions of Farwest Paint Manufacturing Co.

In addition to our Northwest region business, Farwest Paints, Jarvie Paints, and Matson Paints are now sold and distributed throughout the United States and many of our products are destined for shipment overseas.

Although we've experienced numerous changes since we were founded more than seven decades ago, we've never changed our commitment to provide better products, better technical advice and better customer service . . . it's the best way we know how to be large enough to compete yet small enough to care.

Farwest Paint Mfg. Co.
"Built for Performance - Made with Pride"
Quality Paints Since 1925

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