Frames, Pans & Grids

Frames, Pans, Liners and Grids

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Here are the product brands we carry (roller covers are featured on this page):

NOTE: As distributors of these products, we do not carry every item available from each company; please call ahead to see if we have an item in stock or if it can be ordered for in-store pickup or delivery.

Bestt Liebco

Durabilt roller frames, Painter's Special roller kits, KP & FR roller frames, Pro-1 metal trays, 551 trays,


Pro-Cage roller frame,


Big Ben frames, Pro-Mini Koter frames, Sherlock Pro frames, Sherlock Wide Boy frames, Magikage Ninety frames,


Cat's Paw frames w/Perlon, No-Slip frames,

Other Items

Super HD bucket grids, plastic roller trays, metal roller trays, tray liners, trim guards, wood grip heavy-duty frames, wire roller frames (4 and 5-wire), long arm frames

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