Miscellaneous Sundries

Miscellaneous Sundries and Products

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Here are the product brands we carry:

NOTE: As distributors of these products, we do not carry every item available from each company; please call ahead to see if we have an item in stock or if it can be ordered for in-store pickup or delivery.


Waste Paint Hardener

Flood Products

UV Clear Finish

Gaco Western

GacoDeck Top Coat Finish/Deck Primer, GacoRoof Silicone Roof Coating, GacoGrip Texture Finishes


Jomax Mildew Killer/Cleaner


Cone Strainers, Elastic Top Strainer Bags


5-Gallon Bucket Opener, Paint Pourers


Wood Strippers, Deck Stains, Decktergent Cleaner

Other Items

Painters Bibs and Shorts, Painters Caps, Spray Filters, Stencil Sets and Kits, 5 and 1-Gallon Buckets (Plastic and Metal), 5 Gallon Pails, Lined and Unlined Cans with Screw Caps, Quart and Pint-sized Paint Cans, Boxes, Stir Sticks, Strainers, Super Mildex Mildewcide, Paint Odor Eliminator, Wood Patching Products, Rags (Boxes and Bags)

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