Miscellaneous Sundries

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Product Name Item Number Unit
Flood CWF-UV Clear Finish 1027302015 EA
Bedford 100 Mesh Spray Filter 14-186 EA
Supermend Epoxy 1480474000 EA
Paint Can & Bottle Opener 1495800202 EA
Shur-Line 5 Gal. Bucket Opener 2238406020 EA
Paint Pourer 2238406100 EA
Super Mildex Mildewcide 2349400054 EA
Paint Odor Eliminator 2349402011 EA
Jasco TSP 0408 2645200408 EA
34W X Painter's Shorts 2931146556 EA
36W Painter's Shorts 2931146557 EA
38W Painter's Shorts 2931146558 EA
30W x 32L Painter's Bib 2931148137 EA
34W x 30L Painter's Bib 2931148142 EA
34W x 32L Painter's Bib 2931148143 EA
38W x 32L Painter's Bib 2931148149 EA
40W x 32L Painter's Bib 2931148152 EA
Rustoleum Regal Red Enamel 389-676 EA
7.5# Decktergent Cleaner 4075514304 EA
Superdeck Ext. Wood Stripper 4075514604 EA
Superdeck Redwood Stain 4075519034 EA
Superdeck Gray Stain 4075519084 EA
Superdeck White Stain 4075519094 EA
Superdeck White Stain 4075519095 EA
Superdeck Natural Stain 4075519104 EA
Jomax Mildew Killer-Cleaner 4771960101 EA
Jomax Mildew Killer-Cleaner 4771960104 EA
29 Oz. Dap Subflr/Plywd 7079825117 29 Oz.
Bio-Wash Waste Paint Hardener 7585010024 EA
Bio Wash Paint Hardener 75850100612 EA
Bondo Household All-Purpose 7630800774 EA
2" PT Template Stencil Set 7686600102 EA
3" PT Template Stencil Set 7686600103 EA
5" PT Template Stencil Set 7686600105 EA
6" Stencil Kit 7686600106 EA
8" PT Numbers Stencil Set 7686601081 EA
12" PT Letters Stencil Set 7686601200 EA
12" PT Numbers Stencil Set 7686601201 EA
Gacogrip Texture 8505518664 12 Oz.
Gacodeck Top Coat - Pewter 8505519631 EA
Gacodeck Top Coat - Shale DT16 8505519651 EA
Gacodeck Top Coat - DT18 8505519671 EA
Gacodeck Top Coat - Sedona 8505519681 EA
Gacodeck Primer - Gray 8505519723 EA
Gacoroof Silicone - White 8505566926 EA
Gacoroof Silicone - White 8505566928 EA
Cone Strainers 9948130106 EA
Reaves Cone Strainer 9448130107 EA
5 Gal. Elastic Top Strainer Bag 9448130205 EA
Unlined Metal Can w/ Lid CAN1 GAL
Lined Metal Can w/Lid CAN1/2PT 1/2 PT
Gray Metal Can w/ Lid CAN5 5 GAL
Black Can w/ Screw Cap CAN5 BLACK 5 GAL
Lined Can w/ Lid (Gallon) CANL1 GAL
Lined Can w/ Lid (Pint) CANLPT PT
Metal Lined Can w/ Lid CANLQT QT
Oblong Can w/ Screw Cap (Gallon) CANOB1 GAL
Oblong Can w/ Screw Cap (Quart) CANOB4 QT
Plastic Pail CANP5 5 GAL
Plastic Jug w/Lid CANPJ GAL
Unlined Cans w/ Lids CANPT PT
Round Unlined Can w/ Lid CANQT QT
Gallon Size Stir Sticks (Box) STIR STICKS-1 BOX
Gallon Size Stir Sticks STIR STICKS-1EA EA
Five Gallon Size Stir Sticks (Box) STIR STICKS5 BOX
Gallon Size Stir Sticks STIR STICKS-5EA EA
PS-SPTB1 Strainers XLS001 EA
PS-SETB1 Strainers XLS069 EA
PS-SETB1 Strainers XLS070 EA
PS-SPTB2 Strainers XLS071 EA
PS-SETB2 Strainers XLS072 EA
PS-SPTB5 Strainers XLS073 EA
PS-SETB5 Strainers XLS074 EA
PS-FETB5 Strainers XLS080 EA
PS-FPTB5 Strainers XLS082 EA

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